Pterostilbene health benefits
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Pterostilbene, found in gapes and blueberries, belongs to the group of phytoalexins, agents produced by plants
to fight infections. Compared to resveratrol, pterostibene has a much better bioavailability. [A1]  It is believed
that Pterostibene may have multiple health benefits, as it has anti-cancer, anti-hypercholesterolemia and anti-
hypertriglyceridemia activities, but clinical studies are needed to support these health claims. And, here we are
going to review some recent reports about its potential health benefits.


Perecko T. and co-workers at Slovak Academy of Sciences assessed the cellular and molecular effects of
pterostilbene on human neutrophils and in cell free systems. They found that pterostilbene possessed
comparable antioxidant properties as resveratrol in cell free system. Pterostilbene in concentrations of 10-100 
μM was found to inhibit the activity of human caspase-3 purified enzyme and did not influence cell viability
significantly. [A2]

Pterostilbene may benefit people at risk of arthritis. In an animal study, Macickova T and co-researchers at
Slovak Academy of Sciences demonstrated that pterostilbene has a slight effect on oxidative stress induced
biochemical changes occurring in adjuvant arthritis.  [A3]

Pterostilbene may have the benefits of anti-cancer activities for certain cancers. The purified pterostilbene was
found to cause apoptosis in breast (MCF-7) and prostate (PC3) cancer cell lines. [A4] Pterostilbene shows an
additive inhibitory effect on breast cancer cells when combined with tamoxifen, most likely from augmented
cancer cell apoptosis. [A5]  A study of mouse suggests that pterostilbene is a novel functional agent capable of
preventing inflammation-associated colon tumorigenesis. [A6]  Pterostilbene was found to induce autophagy
and apoptosis in sensitive and chemoresistant human bladder cancer cells. [A7] In test tubes, pterostibene
inhibits pancreatic cancer. [A8]  Colon tumors from pterostilbene-fed animals showed reduced expression of
inflammatory markers as well as nuclear staining for phospho-p65, a key molecule in the nuclear factor-kappaB
pathway. In HT-29 cells, pterostilbene reduced the protein levels of beta-catenin, cyclin D1 and c-MYC, altered
the cellular localization of beta-catenin and inhibited the phosphorylation of p65. Thus, pterostilbene may
suppress colon tumorigenesis [A9] Pterostilbene may benefit people at risk of certain cancers.

Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) play an important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and
restenosis after angioplasty. Atherosclerosis of the arterial wall leads to high blood pressure. Park ES and co-
workers from Chungbuk National University, Korea, showed pterostilbene significantly inhibited the DNA
synthesis and proliferation of platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF)-BB-stimulated VSMCs in a concentration-
dependent manner. From the study, they speculated that the inhibition of pterostilbene to the cell proliferation
and DNA synthesis of PDGF-BB-stimulated VSMCs may be mediated by the suppression of Akt kinase. [A10]

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