The health benefits of
Phytic acid
September 2008
What is Phytic acid?

Hurrell RF., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich,
Switzerland (

Phytic acid is a potent inhibitor of native and fortification iron absorption
and low absorption of iron from cereal- and/or legume-based
complementary foods is a major factor in the etiology of iron deficiency in

In countries where infant cereals are consumed with milk, ascorbic acid
addition can more easily be used to overcome the negative effect of
phytic acid on iron absorption. Similarly with soy-based infant formulas,
especially if manufactured from low-phytate isolates, ascorbic acid can be
used to ensure adequate iron absorption. [1]

SOURCE Hurrell RF. Phytic acid degradation as a means of improving iron absorption.  Int J
Vitam Nutr Res. 2004 Nov;74(6):445-52.

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