Health Benefits of Naringin     September, 2008

Flavonoids are widely recognized as naturally occurring
antioxidants. Naringin (NG) is one of the flavonoid
components in citrus fruits such as grapefruit. Hydrogen
peroxide (H2O2) causes cytotoxicity through oxidative
stress and apoptosis. Kannno S and co-workers from
Tohoku Pharmaceutical University, Japan, found that
naringin reduced hydrogen peroxide induced cytotoxicity.
It also chromatin condensation and DNA damage. [1]
Martin MJ and co-workers, from Universidad de Sevilla,
España, found the the gastroprotective properties of
naringin on and the involvement of endogenous
prostaglandins in mucosal injury produced by absolute
ethanol. [2] Preliminary studies have also shown that
naringin has a potent lipid-lowering effect and antioxidant
capacity in high-cholesterol diet fed animals. [3,4]

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