The health benefits of beta-sitosterol
According to Wikipedia, beta-Sitosterol is a phytosterol with chemical
structure similar to that of cholesterol. It is white and waxy. Beta-sitosterol can
be found in pecans, saw palmetto, avocados, pumpkin seed, pygeum
africanum, cashew fruit, rice bran, wheat germ, corn oil, soybean,
sea-buckthorn and wolfberries. Its health benefits may include
cholesterol-lowering and anti-cancer activities.

Ovesna Z and co-workers at Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic,
reported beta-Sitosterol acts at various stages of tumor development,
including inhibition of tumorigenesis, inhibition of tumor promotion, and
induction of cell differentiation. Beta-Sitosterol effectively inhibits invasion of
tumor cells and metastasis. [1]  But, most of the evidence have been found
only in animal and cell studies. For instance, Paniaqua-Pere R and
co-workers at Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación, Mexico, found that 200 to
1,000 mg/kg of beta-sitosterol can significantly reduce the frequency of sister
chromatid exchanges induced by 10 mg/kg of doxorubicin in bone marrow
cells. [3] Park C. at Dongeui University, Korea, beta-sitosterol potently
induced apoptosis in human leukemic U937 cells and that
beta-sitosterol-induced apoptosis is related to the selective activation of
caspase-3 and induction of Bax/Bcl-2 ratio. [4] Moon Do at Cheju National
University, Korea, reported beta-sitosterol induced anti-proliferation and cell
death in MCA-102 fibrosarcoma cells. [5]

Chung DW and co-workers at University of Suwon observed feeding a
cholesterol-enriched diet containing 1% or 3% beta-sitosterol, lipophilic
derivative, or hydrophilic derivative for 2 and 4 weeks resulted in lowered
levels of total blood cholesterol and reduced the atherogenic index in all
groups of rats. [2]

Researchers suggested there are no obvious side effects nor toxicity of
beta-sitosterol. [1]

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