Stevia accounts for about 40% of the sweetener market in Japan [5] and its ingredients such as rebaudioside A and stevioside are also getting
popular in the US. [A2, A3] Limited side effects of stevia have been reported. [4, 6, 9, 23] However, high doses of stevia may lead to serious side
effects. A study showed that high doses of stevia led to a decrease in weight of testis, seminal vesicle and cauda epididymidis. Consequently, intake
of high dosages of stevia may lead to the side effect of male infertility! In addition, a few studies showed that stevioside (from stevia leaves) is a
vasodilator. [8-14] It has insulinotropic, glucagonostatic, anti-hyperglycemic and blood pressure-lowering effects in type 2 diabetic animal models. [4]

However, researchers from Aarhus University Hospital DK reported no side effect of rebaudioside A (0.025 g/kg BW/day) on blood pressure or weight
development in rats. [4] At the same time, researchers from Toxicology Regulatory Services, Inc. Virginia, found no toxicity side effects of dietary
administration of rebaudioside A in rats in a 90-day study. [A5] Curry LL and his research fellows at Coca-Cola Company, Provident Clinical
Research and Cargill Inc repeatedly reported how safe rebaudioside A in various scientific journals. For instance, reference A2 suggests that high
purity rebaudioside A (rebiana) is safe for human consumption under its intended conditions of use --- as a general purpose sweetener. Purified
rebaudioside A has no side effect on either blood pressure or glucose homeostasis. Reference A1 suggests administration of high doses of
rebaudioside A reduced the body weight gain and inconsistently reduced the serum bile acids and cholesterol, and claims that all other hepatic
function were within normal limits. Reference 3A reports consumption of1000 mg/day of rebaudioside A for 4 weeks produced no clinically important
changes in blood pressure in healthy adults with normal and low-normal blood pressure.

My Experience on Stevia Side Effects
I took 1 g of a purified stevia extract and I found my blood pressure was slightly lower about 1-4 h later if I maintained a sitting posture. Intake of
stevia extract as a sweetener did help me to loss some weights, as I took less processed sugar. However, after taking purified stevia extract (3 times a
day) as a sweetener for about a month, I started to have muscle pain at my left shoulder. But, I am not sure if it was caused by other factors or if it
was really stevia side effects.

In the last few years, I have repeatedly received complaints about the side effects of stevia extracts. I have summarized my readers' complaints on
stevia in the following section:

On Thu, 11/4/10, wrote:
I  read  about  it  years  ago  and  started  using  it  in  2004  in my  water  of  20 oza.  I  put  10 drops  but  it  was  
way  too  sweet, then  I  limit  it  to  4  drops, I  did  it  for  years,  I   got these  dizzy  spells  and  I   would  shake  
myself  to  stop  them. Then  it  was  about   3 years  ago  and  I   noticed  after  drinking the  stuff,  I  was  drinking  
20 oz  of  water  with  the  stevia  like 8  of  them  per  day...  that  it  MUST  be  the  STEVIA  as  it  comes in  natural  
different  flavors.   So   even  if  it  is  natural  does not  mean  it  reacts  as  a  Natural  product  to  everyone.   So  it
does  cause  the  side effect  of  making me  dizzy.   And  I  never knew  when  it  would  strike  me.  Mostly  sitting  
down  and  they were  Very  Scary!

My Response:
Thank you so much for sharing your experience on stevia with us. Stevia is known to lower the glucose level and
blood pressure, both conditions, i.e. hypoglycemia and hypotension will lead to dizziness. I wonder if you've
monitored your blood pressure and glucose level after you take the stevia supplement? And, I also would like to know
if the dizziness happened about 0.5-2 hours you dosed yourself with stevia? Have you stopped taking Stevia? Do
you feel better now? Have a wonder winter!

On Fri, 11/19/10, wrote:
Hi.  I'm wondering if you know anything about an association between stevia and stomach gas?  I just had a chest
x-ray yesterday and the doctor found that my stomach is 3x its size and filled with air.  I am being treated with proton
pump inhibitors and simethecone.  There is no danger involved with this (and no flatulence, which would have clued
me in to the problem long ago) but the xray showed that my stomach has enlarged so much that it is pushing on my
left lung.  This was the cause a persistent cough, which is why I had the chest x-ray in the first place.  I eat organic,
exercise regulalry and have all normal lab work otherwise.  I switched from Splenda to Stevia about 6 weeks ago and
developed the cough within a week of that change (although I hadn't associated the two until I read your website).  
Could the stomach gas be due to the Stevia?  I have 4-5 packs a day.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.

My Response:
This is my first time to hear the correlation between stomach gas and stevia. Are you using it as a sweetener? What I
mean... does it dissolve completely in the liquid? Some people take a large amount of supplements (in capsule-form)
and lead to stomach gas. It is just because these capsules contain lots of "air". There are a few other reasons for
stomach enlargement, have you doctor eliminated other possible causes? Have you stopped taking stevia? Do you
feel better now?

On November 21, 2010 replied:
Thanks so much for getting back in touch.  I use stevia in the AM in my coffee and the PM in my tea (dissolved) but I
also put it in my plain yogurt and smoothie drinks during the day when I have them- those are not dissolved- just
about 1/2 a packet of the stevia in each.  The doctor suspects it is from my "healhty" diet, packed with fruits, veggies
and whole grains/high fiber, but that doesn't seem right to me so I'm investigating other possible causes.  And no, I
haven't stopped using stevia... but am thinking about going back to Splenda to see if there is any change.  If
something remarkable happens I'll email you again. Otherwise you can assume I'm still searching for the cause of this

Diana P. Fri 21 Jul 2006
Why does stevia give me a headache?

ZHION SAT 22 Jul 2006
I couldn't find any scientific report directly related the intake of stevia to heachache. However, some web-articles suggest
diziness, headache, muscle weakness, bloating, nausea, muscle tenderness and kidney toxicity as its side effects or toxic
effects. Some of these stevia side effects are also symptoms of hypoglycemia. Let us relate the activities of stevia,
hypoglycemia and headache together.

It is known that stevia has anti-hyperglycemic properties. In a study, researchers recruited 12 patients with Type 2
Diabetes. They found that the intake of stevioside could reduce the postprandial blood glucose levels. In addition, stevia
also has blood pressure lowering activities. Thus, overdose or excessive intake of stevia will lead to hypoglycemia and

If the blood sugar levels fall below the normal range (70-110 mg/dl), episode of hypoglycemia may occur. symptoms of
mild-moderate hypoglycemia include nausa, hunger, nervousness, coldness, rapid pulse, numbness, dizziness, headache,
blurred vision, weakness and difficulty walking. While, the basic symptoms for headache are dizziness, nausea, fainting
etc. Thus, it makes sense that excessive dose of stevia causes headache. However, this is just my thought, experiment is
need to prove this idea. Thanks.
_______________________________STEVIA SIDE EFFECTS - 2008________________________________ Mon, 15 Sep 2008 19:36:25 -0700
Hello there.  I was so glad to read your article regarding STEVIA side effects.  I have used stevia for many years on a daily
basis.  I now have severe hypoglycemia.  I am waking up every 2 hours because my blood sugar drops.  But at each meal I
have stevia. I had not related it to the stevia because everything I had read about it said it was o-glycemic index and was
even safe for diabetics.  This is probably my answer that I have been looking for almost a year.  Thank you so very much.

ZHION Sept 18, 2008
Thanks for your comment; it's encouraging. My best wishes for your health.

XXXXXXXX Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:25:29 -0400
The information currently provided on the website are not reflective of current findings. The current studies are not
duplicating the effects with fertility the "Melis MS. Effects of chronic administration of Stevia rebaudiana on fertility in rats"
reported and is outdated material (1999). The most current finding:

Rebaudioside A: Two-generation reproductive toxicity study in rats Leslie L. Curry, Ashley Roberts,and Nigel Brown
.......There are other studies as well... this one the newest on the question.

ZHION Sept 20, 2008
Thanks for your comment; updated. Just curious, are you related to Dr. Curry LL or The Coca-Cola Company? Thanks
____________________________________________________________________________________ December 19, 2010 1:18 AM
Okay, I keep trying to find a comment online about what I have experienced.  I love Stevia and started using it about a year ago.  However, after a
couple of months of using it, I developed a painful swelling and about a dime sized red circle under my left nipple.  The swelling and pain continued
and the red circle became plum-sized over a few days.  I also developed lumps in my left armpit.  I stopped the Stevia although I didn't really believe
that it was the cause.  After about a week, the swollen breast subsided.  

A few months later I started using Stevia again thinking it couldn't be connected to the breast issue.  After a few weeks, I got the swollen breast
again.  I stopped Stevia use and it subsided.

So, I still wasn't convinced believe it or not.  After about 3 more months, I again tried Stevia.  Again, the same effect...this time within a week of using
the Stevia.  Now I am convinced and will throw my Stevia away.  Has anyone else experienced this??? December 24, 2010 3:13 PM

Is it possible for stevia to cause the tongue to tingle and burn?

I am going nuts trying to figure out the problem.

First, I had candida... I have been tested twice and am now candida free.    I am on B Vitamins thinking that might be the problem.  At first it started
getting better, but now it is back again.

I do have a hard time digesting carbs but I know I need some carbs in my diet....

My gallbladder is not working properly so maybe that is part of the problem....

Thanks for anything you can suggest.
______________________________________________STEVIA SIDE EFFECTS 2011_______________________________________________ January 2, 2011 2:35 PM

Hi, would you consider performing a comparison on the ingredients of all the stevia products available? January 4, 2011 5:00 PM

I just came across your wonderful blog on stevia.  I have been using it (Purevia, Truvia, SweetLeaf) on and off for about 18 months since being
diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  I have also given it to my 84 year old mother, who also takes Splenda.  I use 1/2 to 1 packet perhaps 3-4 times per week.  
My mother uses a full packei of sweetner 1 or more times per day.

Recently I have experienced episodes of dizziness, lowered blood pressure, and muscle weakness in my left shoulder.  Around the same time I
started getting ringing in my head, more prominent on the left side but present on both sides and often continuous with brief periods of relief.  I can
wake up with it and go to bed with it.  I stopped taking stevia about a week ago but have really not noticed a difference yet.  I am about to see an ENT
specialist to see if there is another explanation, but frankly your blog feels like the answer.  I should also mention that I have  reactions (mainly bone
pain, particularly in my knees) to artificial sweetners in general.  Also, my mother suffers from depression, dementia, and high blood pressure, but
lately I have noticed lately that her blood pressure, particularly the dystolic pressure (the bottom number), has been inexplicably low (at times below
100) and she is increasingly reluctant and resistant to leaving the house, complaining of "not feeling good".  I will take her off the stevia as well.

I will check back with you again but thanks for the infomation

My Response
Happy New Year. Thank you for your story. My computer (the one with the website program) has been down for weeks, but I will by-pass the issue
soon and update the website. Overdose of stevia may cause hypotension (side effect), do you feel better after stopping using it? What did the ENT
specialist say? Wish you a wonderful year of 2011. Thank you for sharing your story with us again. January 17, 2011 11:06 PM
Thanks for getting back to me.  I do feel better but not sure if it is due to other things I have done, i.e. more rest, additional supplements, etc.  The
ringing is still present, maybe a little improved, and the ENT said I have to live with it.  Clearly I will not accept that and am still looking for a cure. Saturday, January 8, 2011 3:06 AM
Thanks for providing great information on ginger. I wonder if you are aware of any studies that distinguish between the effects of herbs or roots on a
study group living on raw food and taking no medication versus one of standard American diet and taking medication. If so, please let me know.
There is an increasing number of studies that take into account raw food diet and standard diet. I take the liberty to attach one such preliminary
study, which I find remarkable.
I liked your clear display of contact information on the ginger article, so it was easy for me to email you. I could not find any info about on
your website, may be I overlooked. Would be great if you could provide it.

Please do not give my email address for promotional mail or give to third parties.
Thanks again, January 12, 2011 7:42 PM

your website is a treasure trove of information, and in fact I find it helpful when eating raw and choosing herbs to neutralize contaminations you
mentioned. Many herbs have properties to eliminate toxins. You are right, Salmonella can be a real problem, for which reason it is not recommended
to eat raw eggs, for instance. So I did some research and found that organic eggs are far less prone to salmonella. Dr. Moerman, one of the pioneers
in cancer treatment gave raw egg yolk to his patients and recomments raw egg yolk for cancer prevention, I think primarily for the Vitamin E content.
The egg whites, though, should not be eating raw. Nature seems to have a remedy for everyhing. In Europe they did an experiment. They put
salmonella on a plastic cutting board and on a wooden one. The salmonella on the plastic thrived, while the they died on the wooden. So there is
some inherent health benefit in natural products that we need to learn about more.

Raw food is controversial and there are some noisy "half-educated" raw food promoters out there who just discoverd the benefits of raw food seeing it
as an all cure remedy without knowing the pitfalls. But I know quite some people who cured fatal diseases with raw food, especially greens, who know
quite well that there is no all cure method and who do a responsible job in distributing information. I have been eating raw organic egg yolks for years
and had no problem,  but I would not eat non-organic, the risk is too high for me. If you are interested in more about raw food, go to This is one of the websites promoting raw food. I know the Boutenko family personally, they have been on a totally raw food
diet for  about 10 years and the live what they preach. Victoria Boutenko did a study on greens in her MA thesis. Personally I found that herb and
roots help you with potential contamination of raw food, and organic raw food is usually less contaminated. Also, due to its higher vitamin and mineral
content it contributes towards a better immune system. I had the worst hay fever you can imagine every year for a couple of months and nothing
helped, my nose constantly clogged and my eyes were swollen. The allopathic remedies made it worse after a short relief of about 5 minutes. And
one day I had the idea to check my nutrition and experimented. When I dropped cooked eggs and pasteurized dairy and protein (such as in
pasteurized milk, heated egg whites) and salt, the hay fever went away like it had never been with me. I replaced cooked protein by raw grains that
have, according to Dr. Bruker the right amount of protein that the body needs, but it must be in raw, whole form. Also, the raw egg yolk does not
cause cholesterol problems, while the cooked does. Late Dr. Bruker wrote a book on allergies, where I found scientifically confirmed what I
experienced in my body. He cured patients with allergies by putting them on a regimen of no heated milk and dairy products and no isolated salt.

Anyway, I like the well-done research that is reflected in your articles, which are helpful when researching for information when going through a minor
health crisis. It might be a win to take into consideration that the holistic effect of herbs, not only of their components, and that it makes a difference if
you are on an American Standard Diet or on a Raw Food diet.. If you choose to look into raw food diets I would love to hear from you about your
Happy and healty New Year to you, too.
Keep in touch,
best regards,> December 17, 2010, 3:00 AM
Been reading through your site with great interest.

Thank you for some excellent information.

I've been using stevia on a daily basis for over 9 years now.

I have a major sweet tooth, used to have 8 spoons of sugar in my coffee. Stevia has been a godsend for me.

Because I appear to have a high tolerance for sweetness, I used a heaped teaspoon of stevia extract, pure white powder, with over 80% Reb A, in
any hot drink. I also use a heaped teaspoon to make my own soft drink, of which I through about 3 litres a day.

I have had zero side effects. My blood pressure, glucose levels etc., are excellent: had a full blood test only a few weeks ago in fact.

To me it seems that it very much depends on individuals regarding how they will or will not react to something. I am a case in point, in that I have
Menieres, an incurable, progressive inner ear disease, and thanks to high potency vitamins I have been in remission now for about 12 years.
However, not all fellow sufferers have seen a helpful effect from taking the same products.

I think that, based on the decades of use, and clinical studies to date, Stevia is a generally safe product. I'll certainly continue to make it a daily part of
my diet, as it helps significantly with weight control.

By the way, Stevia was approved both in the USA, and in Australia in 2008 for use as a food additive.

My Response
Thank you for sharing your story with me, and I will publish it (without your email) once I have a chance. I am glad to hear that you have an excellent
blood pressure and glucose levels. Wish you a wonderful year of 2011. January 13, 2011 1:07 AM
Thanks for emailing me to let me know, appreciate that.

I wish you and your family a wonderful 2011 too.

Not so great for many here right now due to the flooding, but waters are starting to fall now.

It is in my original post, but just in case, I'll mention again that Stevia is now approved for use in both America and Australia.

Thanks again for your email and for your informative site. January 18, 2011 2:17 PM

I have posted about this on the Diet Board and on Cure Zone. I have used stevia constantly since 1994 - 100% pure stevia powder, no additives.
About 2½ years ago, I began to have pain in the balls of my feet - the left foot, especially. The pain increased daily. I thought that it was my shoes, or
some kind of planter's wart, or a fungal infection. I soaked them, I pared them, I wore reverse-heel technology shoes, I even took a razor blade to the
area, to hone down the "callous". Nothing helped.

The pain was so intense, that if I bumped the sore areas, I could have screamed in pain. Stoic that I am, I didn't say much to anyone, as I was
determined to find the solution to the problem.

Finally, I stumbled upon a post online, relating stevia to foot pain. Aha! I immediately stopped using my beloved stevia. That was only a few days ago.
Already, the pain in the bottoms of my feet has lessened, and I can stand barefoot, on concrete without excruciating pain. Four days is not a very
good test, but there definitely appears to be a connection between prolonged use of stevia, and foot pain.

Hopefully, I will be able to report a total cessation of pain, in a few months. Since I have been using it every day for 16+ years, I realize it may take a
while to "flush" its effects out of my system. Thought this just might help someone else, suffering with horrible pain in their feet. I would not have
thought that stevia was the culprit.
STEVIA side effect             November 12, 2011     
J January 28, 2011 7:06 PM
Hi,  I found your sight looking for side effects for Stevia because I bought a box of Stevia from XXXXXXt of 100 envelopes and after the second day of
drinking 1 pkg in my 2 cups of coffee in the morning, I instantly felt like I was on fire. My skin turned blotches of bright red. My skin burned like I had a
horrible chemical on my skin. I went outside and took a walk to get it to go away but it didn't. I started eating nectarines and melon and drinking my
dollar store raspberry drink called XXXXX's Light 10 packets. It eventually went away. I am afraid to drink it anymore. I've never in my life had anything
like that happen to me. But since I read your page here, I seen an article of a man who complained of burning under his rib. I also have had this for a
long time now. I found on line that Dr's will take your gallbladder out and you will still end up with the burning sensation anyway. Sometimes it is worse
than other times but after reading this I looked at the box of the raspberry drink and realized this burning started after I started drinking these drinks
regularly. I quit as of right now drinking them. It has aspartame, maltodextrin, acesulfame potassium. I am probably killing myself thinking I'm being
healthy. I will write back to let you know if the burning goes away. Thanks for your page, it has been very informational for me.

My Response
Thank you for your story and I have posted it in my website without your name, email address. I am glad the comments are useful for you. It could be
a combined effects of all chemicals, or just because we drink too much of the drink to get the side effects. Since you have stopped taking it for a
while, do you feel better now? Thanks.
Stevia side effects
shark cartilage benefits cancer
Royal jelly side effects
Fish Oil benefits and side effects
Xylitol side effects Thu, 25 Sep 2008 11:41:21 -0700
I have been reading everyone post on Stevia. I think it does things on everyone most people will read thing and then write to say they
have this or that happen to make it look like there is a problem with the plant it self. Over the year on both sides here in Canada as well as
the states there has always been way to find a better ways for sweetener for people that are diabetic. Like everything ESL when a good thing comes
along some one got to complain and give it a bad name. I'm Diabetic and have been for years and have been using stevia in my coffee,tea right to
eating the leafs from the plant it self. I grow it every year and have given some to people and they can't believe how good it is and like it better.

People just don't realize a good thing when they see it. Why can't Canada and the USA see it that this is good cause if it has been used for
thousands of years  do you really think people have stopped using it..and are's only a plant. If I felt it was unsafe I would not be using it or
eating it at all. I wish people stop there complaining or wining about something that is good. I hate all the man made sweeteners.,they are not safe or
good for you. But people want to believe all these company who make the man made sweeteners are best and better for you when they are the ones
that have all the problems with them. think about it Aspartame is not good cause they found out if left in the sun it can be danger est and here is a list
of all the sweeteners that are not good for you. I will not stop useing it as it is the best thing that came into my life since my hubby gave me my first

Healthy Sweeteners                         Sweeteners to Avoid
Stevia *                                                 Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Canderel)
Other Low Carb Sweeteners          Neotame
Evaporated Cane Juice                   Sucralose (Splenda, Altern)
Fruit Juice                                    Acesulfame-K (Sunette, Sweet & Safe, Sweet One)
Rice Syrup                                            Cyclamates
Honey                                                    Saccharin
Licorice Root (small amounts)         Refined Sugar #
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)          High Fructose Sweeteners #
Vegetable Glycerin         
Sugar Alcohols (xylitol, sorbitol) ^         
Maple Syrup (Without Added Sugar)         
Barley Malt         

Key: * Safe for diabetics / # Can be used in small amounts during transition to healthy sweeteners / ^ Use only in very small amounts - not for those
with bowel disorders.

My Reply Thu, 25 Sep 2008 12:18:46 -0700 (PDT)
Thank you very much for your input. Your message is very informative. I agree with you, everybody react differently toward particular supplements
and we should not overdose ourselves. I'll share your message with other readers, as rule of thumb, I won't post your name and email address in my

I wonder why people talk about stevia these days. Recently, I found out that Coca Cola and Cargill (one of the world's largest providers of food and
agricultural products) have worked together to develop a Stevia-based sweetener for use as an additive in foods and beverages for years.  They
have published a few articles on the safety of using stevia. The FDA now allows Stevia as a dietary supplement only, not as a food additive.  The
companies may be closer to getting the FDA approval they need to use Stevia in their products.  The brand name will be Truvia™.

Coca Cola has already filed 24 patent applications covering Stevia's use in products ranging from vitamins to cereal.  As a result, the world's largest
beverage maker may be seeking to corner the market on the natural sweetener.
__________________________________________________STEVIA SIDE EFFECTS 2010_______________________________ Wednesday, July 14, 2010 6:45 PM
I am 73 years old, and have been on a “holistic” diet for the past 30 + years. I exercise 3 times a week (heavy weights) and do a lot of walking. I have
been using Stevia now for 3 months, and have noticed periods of weakness and imbalance during workouts as well as throughout the day.
Sometimes I have difficulty trying to remember things. This all began a few weeks after taking Stevia, and has never happened before.

Today, I am going to discontinue the use of Stevia, and will follow up with a report in a few weeks. I did pick this information up on line from the articles
wtitten about the side effects of Stevia. I may also have a few other things to report.

My Response
Thank you for your comment. Exercise is to burn out your calories, while stevia may lower the glucose level. It is possible that your weakness is
related to hypoglycemia. However, there is no report that stevia affects memory significantly. Please, let me know how you feel after discontinuation of
stevia. In addition, have you lower the dose of stevia before exercise?

+++               ++++                         ++++                        +++++++++ +         ++++ +++++++++++

I have not taken Stevia now for 11 days, and have noticed a big difference. My main concern was a searing pain I was experiencing in the balls of my
feet which slowly increased after the first month I was on Stevia. I thought it was due to my shoes, but soon discounted that after going without shoes
for a few days. The pain was so bad thar I couldn’t descend the wooden staircase without the help of the rail.

After eliminating Stevia the pain in my feet lessened on the first day, and after a few days, there was NO pain. Strength and balance also returned in
my workouts, and the slight headaches have disappeared.

NOTE – My use of Stevia consisted of a half pack in per MUG of coffee (usually 2 MUGS) in the early AM. My workouts are usually around 11AM.
Keep in mind that I do not drink any beverage containing artificial sweeteners.My use of table sugar is not more than a couple teaspoons a day, and
my diet is 80% of the time ORGANIC.

_________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday, September 15, 2010 1:56 AM
I have been drinking a and enjoying a XXXXXX XXXXXXX Half and Half Kcups for a few weeks when out of no where I got the headache of my life. That’
s saying a lot because I already experience migraines from time to time especially if I drink anything with aspartame in it. Anyways, this headache was
so bad that my face felt almost numb and my muscles in my body were also weak and I was sick to my stomach and felt dizziness whenever I moved
my head. I had the headache and dizziness all through the night. Afterward, I was very fatigued. This lasted about 24 hours. I didn’t know what it was
at first. But being very in tune with my body and reactions to food I because I also have food allergies, I sought it. I drank another Kcup a few days
later and right after finishing I got sharps pain in my head that felt exactly like the headache I had. So I read the label and looked up all the
ingredients. It says Rebiana is one of the ingredients and I’m certain it is the cause now that I have read a few websites information. One thing I’m
worried about is my husband has already been drinking stevia for about 2 years. He uses the brand SweetLeaf Stevia. Is it possible that this reaction
is different based on different compositions of the product by different manufacturers? Sweetleaf appears to be pure. Is Rebiana significantly different
than Steviosid? One man on your webpage indicates that he grows his own Stevia so maybe that’s why he has no reaction. Is is possible it’s not the
Stevia but the other additives or processing of it that is causing problems?

My Response (Unfortunately, my reply was blocked by her email account setup)
Thank you for your message. Each commercial product has its own ingredients. Two commercial products may have same identical ingredients listed
on their label, but their amount, purity and source can be different. Thus, the pharmacological effects of the product can be very different. In addition,
we can also react differently to the same products. One study shows the difference of content from lot to lot, even though both lots are from the same

The cause of headache (i.e. side effect) is not necessary related to stevia or Kcups, but it is still possible. May I know how often you drink the Kcups?
And, please, also let me know how much you drink each time. May I know your "regular" blood pressure and glucose level? It is known that high doses
of stevia can lower the glucose level and blood pressure.

aXXXX.XXXXXXXXX@gmail.comDate: Sunday, September 19, 2010, 9:55 AM
I have a 5-year old son who was diagnosed with clinical hypoglycemia and also has food sensitivities/intolerance to such things as sugar, wheat,
milk/dairy.  He cannot have sugar and he doesn't metabolize fruit or fructose well.  So we started using Stevia last spring. But I am concerned that it
could lower his blood sugar even further since he already has hypoglycemia.  We had been happy to discover Stevia as an alternative when he
couldn't have any other sugars without spikes and drops in his blood sugar and mood. (Also my husband claims that his irritable bowel syndrome gets
worse after he eats it. Any anecdotal evidence to this?) Is it safe for my son to use this or will it aggravate his hypoglycemia, and if so, in what
amounts? What are your thoughts about this?

My Reply
Thank you for your email. High doses of stevia extracts possibly induce hypoglycemia, but the amounts of stevia extracts needed to induce sweet-
taste are very little. I would suggest to use stevia as little as possible (please consult with your kid's doctor). Your son has already been taking stevia
for a while and if he doesn't have any complaints, possibly that dose is right for him. However, certain foods, exercise and activities can alter the
glucose-levels seriously. I wonder if you know there are commercially-available devices (cost about $10-$40) to check glucose level, you may discuss
these devices with your kid's doctor to see if they can help to check hypoglycemia in this case. By the way, I couldn't find the relationship between
irritable bowel syndrome and stevia from literature.
__________________________________________________________________________________ September 21, 2010 1:40 AM
I am a long distance runner (run nearly 30 miles a week - - 13 every Saturday).  I eat mostly organic and only fish and chicken (no red meat). I drink a
cup of green tea every morning and have been looking for a safe sweetener.  I recently bought some organic blue agabe, but then read that it is as
bad for you as high fructose corn syrup.  So I did a little googling and saw some talk about stevia and also sucanat being good, natural sweeteners
that may be better for you. I just bought a box of stevia packets and it says it is a 100% natural stevia extract. The box has 100 packets in it.  I tried
about a third of a packet in my tea this morning.  By mid-morning, I was having periodic spasm-type pains beneath my left rib cage.  The pains were
sharp and were not instigated by movement.  It's evening time now and I am still experiencing, although less often and severe, these spasmic pains. I
had never experienced this type of pain before and the addition of stevia in my tea was the only thing different I have done in my diet. Have you
heard of any association with the use of stevia and pain in the area and manner I am describing?

My Reply
This is my first time to hear that. It is not necessary a stevia side effect. There are different causes for spasm-type pains at rib cage, such as
Bornholm disease and gallbladder disease. I suggest you to contact your medical doctor immediately, if the pain persists.
My Response:
I agree with your doctor's opinion.  Yogurt and smoothie contain a lot of surfactants; surfactants can enhance emulsions while veggies, fibers and
fruits can trap a high volume of air. Their combination can cause stomach gas. Once, I was on veggie diet, I burped so much that I had to change to
lean meat diet. Just curious, how do you take the veggies, in form of salad or boiled veggies? I believe, boiled veggies (in form of soup) should have
less air inside. Theoretically, air escapes during the boiling process. (but I may be wrong).

It is unlikely that stevia is the cause, as you take it as a sweetener.  It is because the amount is small, and it is completely dissolved in the liquid
before you take it. There is a limited chance for it to trap the air. By the way, any food containing carbonates can also generate gas in the stomach.
Fermentation is another possibility for gas production inside the intestine.

On November 26, 2010, wrote:
i have not eaten sugar in 8 yrs. i eat 1 or 2 pieces of fruit per day. no grains. my point being; my blood sugar remains very balanced. i had “reactive
hypoglycemic” reactions when i used to eat sugar.  when this happened i simply got very tired, sluggish.

i tried stevia several yrs ago. i remembered it gave me a headache. i grew my own, thinking it would be more pure. it still resulted in a headache and
general ill feeling. recently a friend insisted i give it another try. she loves it. i made myself a crustless pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. i make these all
of the time using “raisin juice” (raisins steeped in boiling water). today (thanksgiving) i added 1/4 teaspoon stevia to 2 pies. i licked the spatula and
remains of bowl – perhaps 1 tablespoon. i had a headache in 5 minutes. next i felt a tightening in my back which i know to be a pressure when my
gallbladder isn’t happy. i felt dizzy and sat down. after 5 minutes, i stood up, lost my vision and passed out. it has been more than 2 hours and i still
feel weak with a strong headache.

i have normal blood pressure. i just had a complete blood analysis 2 weeks ago. everything was perfect. i eat almost all raw food, no chemicals or
processed anything. stevia feels toxic in my system. i will be throwing out the pies as soon as they cool. my reaction sent me straight to google.

everyone needs to know their own body. what is good for one might be toxic to another. no one is wrong. what we can all agree on is that stevia is a
strong substance if it is capable of lowering normal blood pressure to the point of making me faint or lower the pressure of a person with high
pressure. certainly potent enough in many ways for all of us to take notice and be aware of all effects, good and bad.

i will never put stevia in my body again. it is wonderful to have forums like this available online for us to learn about effects on others.

On November 26, 2010, wrote:
I was reading the articles and research (mostly the responses of the readers) at about Stevia. I also tried to reply but I cannot find how to
do it so I decided to write this email, hopping that you will post it, or at least take it under consideration.

I am an agronomist (agricultural engineer) with a master in organic agriculture. During my studies I realized how bad is the 21st education and
science. It is market driven and of course everything is realted to profit, profit...and profit of the multinational companies (i.e XXXX-XXXX), without
taking under consideration (or ignoring deliberatly) true facts.

From what I have read from the posts in , I realized how mislead, or ignorant is the public
opinion. I would like to clarify some things about plants, in our case herbs or medicinal plants like stevia.

The 'war' agaisnt stevia is about revenue losses of the companies if it is used as food addtive or sweetener. How is it possible FDA from one hand
banning Stevia (based on studies, which we should check the funding behind each study for example) and on the same time XXXX-XXXX is having
already patented 24 applications for its products...? and then suddenly FDA is revising the issue about the ban of stevia. Anyway, I will not continue
with this issue because it is not suitable for the moment and I will move on with some basic facts about plants.

Plants as we know they don't move. As a result they grow in a spot or a place or in a habitat, for milenia. For example, in case of serious drought,
they cannot move from their place to the nearest lake, river, or any water source for satisfing their needs for water. They grow deep roots to absorb
soil moisture, which by its turn helps the process of solubility for the elements they need to grow.

Plants are also exposed to attacks, by pests, fungi bacteria etc. They do not get up and go the local farmacist for a treatment. Instead, they have
their own defences stored in their genetic code, and they can easily isolate or minimize the areas of infection and still keep growing. However, we
shouldn't forget that this an evolutionary race between plants and their enemies. The fungi will attack, the plant will get infected,eventually die and
fungi will ensure their next generation. But the next generation of this specific plant will be more resistance/tolerant to the attack of a specific fungus
and this will lead to a failure of the establishment of the fungus. The plant wins. Once again, the next generation of fungi will develope new 'attack
methods'', will overide the defences of the plant and so on...

Plants are also exposed to environmntal conditions of their habitat. They receive huge amounts of energy, in this case sun, to use for their own
benefit. However, sun is not as inocent as it seems. They develope natural substances to counter any side effect of their exposure to environmental
conditions and this is what makes a succesful establishment of a plant species. However, this natural occuring substances are most of the cases toxic
even for the same plant, but there is another mechanism in the same plant, or another substance, that is being created for countering the toxic
effects of the frist substance. These two substances (two is an example, might be more interacting compounds for creating a perfect balance between
toxic and non-toxic compounds) are the ones that we humans can benefit from plants.

By extracting only one (i.e stevioside) we ignore the fact that this substance by itself is quite toxic even for the same plant. In order to gain the full
benefit of a herb, or medicinal plant we should take advantage of the whole plant and not only of its extracts, because we isolate or ignore other
beneficial substances that flow in the plant sap.

As I have seen from your wonderfull effort for informing the public opinion by I would like to ask you from your personal experience, if you
ever encountered a full study of analyzing (or extracting) all the substances of a single plant species. Of course they should exist some studies, more
accurate, but the full potential of plants stills remains unkown due to lack of funding for complete research or due to market driven research.

Concluding, I would like to say that the specific extracts of stevia used from the food industry could be potentially toxic for everyone. The proper use
should be like a tea or by eating the leaves and nothing more, like it was years ago or as it was used by the indigenous people where stevia grows
naturaly. All these 'natural sweeteners' are a fast, easy and 'cheap' solution for the industry to make profit at the cost of people, who gladly would go
and buy a box of this extract and not grow by themselves stevia plants in their own garden (where possible)..or even in few pots.

I hope that my message is quite clear. Take a holistic apporach for these issues as they are quite sensitive for everyone, this my proposal. We are
victims of a sick capilastic system that deliberatly hides the truth from every aspect of our daily lives by damaging our freedom to unbiased knowldge,
by affecting our will and by alieanting as from nature.

My Response
I completely agree with you on "In order to gain the full benefit of a herb, or medicinal plant we should take advantage of the whole plant and not only
of its extracts
". And, I believe, the active ingredient extracted from a plant must be well-studied in vitro, animal and clinical trials, before put in market.
Finally, I have to thank you for sharing your opinion on stevia and plant with us, I'll post your comment as soon as possible. Thanks again.
Sunday, February 13, 2011 3:47 PM
It was
Niacin that gave me the burning skin reaction, it wasn't the Stevia like I thought. I took it back to the store and got
the same reaction that afternoon after I had taken the Niacin early that morning but it is the Slow-release Niacin that
gradually delivers it into your system and this is why I did not link it to the burning. I am so sorry for taking up the time on
your page. But at least others can know that Niacin gives you this reaction. I looked into it and it is a common effect.
Thank You!

My Response February 13, 2011 9:43 PM
Hi Joyce, Thank you for writing me back about your new findings. I took
niacin (immediate-release) before. After the
dosing, I had a very bad skin reaction on my body. It was painful and itching. I appreciate that you share your experience
with us, please, continue writing to me if you have comments on other supplements. Happy Valentine's Day. February 16, 2011 10:58 AM
I'm 25 & health conscious, I'm also allergic to corn so reading labels to avoid; corn syrup, and such ingredients I do quite
often.  I try to stay in-tune with my body seems so many things can lead to discomforts in ones' diet.   I also over eat I got
an addictive personality and finding a healthy sugar substitute well I've been over indulging alright. I enjoy the Liquid
stevia & I'm knocking back 14 ounces a month spending an easy $70-80.oo Dollars a month on this and the recomended
serving size is 5-8 drop's giving you about 300 servings per 2oz. bottle.  I use two-three vial squirts to a 6 ounce glass of
water.  I enjoy stevia plain, in water, milk, on food, I add it to seltzer with lemon or ginger. I add extracts to
flavor-peppermint/rootbeer/almond/orange/ect. my diet consits of 4-6,000 calories a day. normally a gallon of milk, 2 lbs of
meat, fruits & veggis.      Now I like my sweets so what I've notice is i'll have ten cups of cafe or tea within an hour when it's
around since I carry stevia in my pocket and I can quickly sweeten to taste rather than trying to dissolve 15 packets of
sugar  normally the sugar i add so much it chills my cafe.  I'd  drink only 3 cups in an hour with normal sugar since it takes
so much work to stir.   So I get a stomach ache with stevia when taken with liquid beverages that contain caffeine.   It
doesn't stop me from drinking it I'll just sit down.  Now if I want cafe or tea I'll normally only add a few drops.     It may just
be an empty stomach with hot beverages and hitting the stomach or flushing through the system too quick.    When I drink
fluids It's on an empty stomach i normally won't drink much befor or after a meal and within that time I'll only have a glass
to wash the meal down.  I'm very active 5,11 & 170 lbs.  I work out daily lifting weights. I walk about 30 miles a week and
run 3-4 miles  a mile every other day at 6.30min.   I have an off sleep routine I'll randomly get naps 20min-60min.  on day's
I can't nap I'll sleep 3-4hours, and one day a week I'll fall asleep for about 10-12 hour.  All I noticed was a tummy ache
around hot caffeinated bevs & like smoke's, Stevia I won't be quitting.

My Response Thursday, February 17, 2011 2:26 PM
I have tried rebaudioside A before, it tastes good. I'll post your experience to my website shortly without your email and
name. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

D.D. Thursday, May 19, 2011 12:02 AM
I began taking Stevia with my coffee after being told by my doctor that I have a moderately high blood glucose.
Additionally to this I have been going through Anxiety symptoms prior to any Stevia use, including but not limited to
derealization and moderate depersonalization which I have been working with a therapist to resolve these issues. After
going through a couple boxes of [A commercial product of Stevia] in about a 2 month period I noticed my derealism
became a lot worse, additionally to this my muscles in my arms became exceedingly weak, and began to feel as though I
had ripped them badly by doing strenuous exercise (Which I did not do) I started doing pushups and eating more protein
rich foods in attempt to counter my muscle fatigue and atrophy but no amount of pushups or weight lifting was helping, I
began feeling weaker and began to feel extreme mental fatigue, so bad that I could not get out of bed a few days. I ate a
sugary treat to see if I was low in blood sugar but that did not help and I ended up passing out for about 12 hours. I
stopped taking Stevia and switched to Xylitol. Xylitol gave me some gastrointestinal issues but my weakness in my arms
and fatigue (muscle and mental) is starting to go away and my mind cleared up a bit. Because I have also been
experiencing Anxiety, I am not 100% sure that Stevia is to blame for either my increased derealism or muscle weakness
and pain, it would require that I take it with my coffee again in order to come to a more solid conclusion, but if you can
understand, I am a bit reluctant to do so even for the sake of Science and research. Passing out for 12 hours and feeling
mentally fatigued made me worry I was going to die and had something seriously wrong with me.

I hope this report is helpful, please let me know if there is any additional information you require.


My Response Thursday, June 9, 2011 3:00 AM
I am sorry for my delayed response, I have been very busy for weeks that I didn't have a chance to check emails at Definitely, your information is very useful. A lot of people have problems with xylitol and stevia. Did you
share your story with your doctor? I assume that you have stopped taking these two sugar-substitutes. Do you feel better
now? Thanks.

P. Wednesday, June 8, 2011 3:59 AM
I had used Stevia for approximately three years.   I have always had fibrocystic breasts, but noticed that they were getting
worse over the past two and a half years or so. .  So much so, that I have been having ultrasound exams at six month
intervals, as ordered by my physician.  About five months ago, I stopped using the Stevia and at my last ultrasound exam,
today, the radiologist said that the areas in question appeared to have improved.  It could be a total coincidence, but in
the event that it is not, I'd rather supply this acecdotal information.  Please do not publish my email address or name, but
you have my permission to publish my comments in the hope that it may help other women.  

My Response Thursday, June 9, 2011 3:08 AM
You information is very useful to the audience and this is my first time to hear about this story. No matter is it a
coincidence or not, I am glad to hear that your condition is getting better. Sure. I won't publish nor share your name and
corresponding information with others. Take care.


Different people experience different side effects of a supplement. If you experience stevia side effects that are different from others', please, send
me note at as to share your experience on stevia extracts with others. Thank you.

XXXX@CXX Thursday, July 25, 2013 12:34 AM
I used sweetleaf stevia in pancake batter and after eating pancakes that day my left shoulder and arm hurt really bad and I couldn’t sleep I felt like I
had been poisoned by something.  I ended up having to take some ibuprophen for the pain.  I only do that as a last resort.  I think I must be sensitive
to this stuff.  I noticed someone else had muscle pain too in these comments.

I don't know if you are still taking anecdotal evidence on the subject of Stevia, but one of your correspondent's experiences exactly mirrors my own.

About three years ago I began to have strange intestinal feelings, as if my intestines were being 'pumped' up with a bicycle pump or something. It has
got to the point where the medical profession think I need a psychiatrist because they can't find the reason for all this pain and associated problems,
like a vastly reduced bowel movement and shocking pains under the ribs, left and right, especially the right.

I take, or rather took, Stevia in drops in my tea and coffee. Six drops per cup, maybe eight cups of tea/coffee per day.

I read somewhere that Stevia has a vaso-dilator kind of effect and that dizziness, which I get as well as the stomach swelling, is also a factor. I was in
the supermarket last week and I could hardly push the trolley. I am a 60-year-old man, non-smoker, non-drinker, and until fairly recently I was in
reasonable health. Not brilliant, but reasonable. But this Stevia business has really turned my life upside down. I can hardly breathe at times, the
dizziness is distressing, and the swelling and 'hardening' of the intestines is like nothing on earth.

I stopped taking Stevia today. Only time will tell if it has been the culprit or if something else is wrong. I have tried all the usual suspects, like gluten,
etc, but I have a feeling in my bones that Stevia has been causing all this pain and suffering.

Blessings -