Prepared on April 7, 2009
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What is Glisodin? What are its potential health benefits?

is the combination of superoxide dismutases extracted from cantaloupe melon
and wheat gliadin. A patent application for GliSODin (US 2008/0020071 A1) has been filed
to treat alcohol induced hangover, GliSODin has been trademarked by Paris-based Isocell. In
North America PL Thomas distributes the ingredient. [1] The independent claim for the patent
application is "A composition for protecting against, minimizing effects of, and hastening
recovery from symptoms associated with an alcohol induced hangover,
comprising:superoxide dismutase; andprickly pear cactus."

What I found...
I have reviewed the embodiment of the patent application, the patent application didn't
provide any direct clinical evidence on the how GliSODin benefits our health (April 2, 2009).
The application simply mentions that superoxide dismutase works by promoting the patient's
antioxidant defense and immune support mechanism. The application also mentions that
superoxide dismutase plays a role in reducing inflammation. My question is: Is GliSODin as
good as other superoxide dismutase (from other sources, other combinations)?

Researchers from
ISOCELL Nutra SAS, France, found animals supplemented with Glisodin
showed a significant elevation in circulated antioxidant enzymes activities. Hepatocytes
isolated from animals supplemented with Glisodin presented a delayed depolarization
response and an enhanced resistance to oxidative stress-induced apoptosis. [2]
Researchers from Association Nationale de Prevention Médicale , France, found that
supplementation with GliSODin was effective in controlling the thickness of the carotid artery
intima and media layers in a study of 76 adults aged 30-60. [3]

More studies are needed to support its health benefit-claims.


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