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Avlimil has been marketed as a supplement formulated with ingredients that
have been show to help women of all ages naturally balance hormones. Its
health benefits are claimed including cooling the hot flashes, calming the
irritability and getting back in the mood. Perviously, Avlimil was marketed as
a supplement for female sexual dysfunction. [1]

Some herbal constituents of Avlimil, such as
black cohosh, licorice, red
red clover and kudzu, have been found to have estrogenic,
anti-estrogenic, or androgenic potential for relieving menopausal symptoms.
Ju YH and co-workers from University of Illinois observed the extract of
Avlimil at low concentrations dose- dependently increased human breast
cancer MCF-7 cell proliferation in vitro, while at higher concentration such as
100 microg/mL, Avlimil extract inhibited the growth of MCF-7 cells in vitro.
The researchers further evaluated the effect of Avlimil at dosages
approximating human intake in ovariectomized mice implanted with MCF-7
cells. They found dietary Avlimil at 500 ppm stimulated MCF-7 tumors, but
Avlimil at 1000 ppm had no apparent effect on the growth of MCF-7 tumors.
Thus, users must consult with their doctors before taking this supplements.

[1] Ju YH, Doerge DR, Helferich WG. A dietary supplement for female sexual
dysfunction, Avlimil, stimulates the growth of estrogen-dependent breast
tumors (MCF-7) implanted in ovariectomized athymic nude mice. Food
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