What is Science?

Science is a particular way of understanding the
"matter" . It involves a lot of questions such as:
            How did it happen?
            Where does it come from?
           When did it happen?
           What are the causes?
          Who did it? Why this happens?

Scientists have a specific method called scientific
method to understand a phenomena, to solve a
problem or analyze an issue. It involves steps as
       1. Identify an issue ------------------------ Issue
       2. Assess all the factors available ------ Assessment
       3. Set an hypothesis-------------------------
       4. Collect related information-------------  Reference
       5. Design experiments---------------------- Study
       6. Support, reject or modify the hypothesis
       7. Design experiments---------------------- Study
       8. Validate the hypothesis, establish a theory.

The theory or the model has three important elements:
observable (detectable), measurable and repeatable.

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