Fibersol-2 (soluble fiber glucose polymer complex)
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Some researchers consider dietary fiber as a functional food. Dietary fiber contributes
to colonic health, bifidobacterial or lactobacillus stimulation in the gut, coronary artery
health, cholesterol reduction, glucose metabolism, insulin response, blood lipids,
cancer etc. [3]

Fibersol-2 is a resistant maltodextrin (manufacturer: Matsutani Chemical Company,
Hyogo, Japan) Resistant maltodextrin has been shown to increase fecal bulk by
resisting digestion and being partially fermented by colonic bacteria to short-chain
fatty acids. [1] The intake of a dairy preparation with a supplement of fiber containing
20 grams of soluble fibre (inulin and digestion resistant maltodextrin), improves the
situation of idiopathic primary chronic constipation. [2]

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