Herbs side effects
If you are going to use herbs, please make sure that you know their benefits as well as their potential side effects as well.

I'll pay attention to brand names and the ingredients listed as being contained in any herbal product. Make sure the herbal products have
been in markets for at least three years. Please, also follow the instructions on the bottle and don't overdose yourself with any herbs. If
you believe that a herb is causing side effects, it would be wise to cease taking it and contact your doctor and the manufacturer
immediately. If needed, you should inform FDA about your experience of the side effects of that particularly herb or products. Technically,
we should consult with our doctor first, before taking any herbs or any herbal products. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you MUST
consult with your doctor before taking any herbs. If you are interested in a particular supplement and you do not find it in the list, please,
email me at
zhion@zhion.com. Good Health
Herbs have been used as medicine to treat different diseases in many cultures. Any part of the plant can
be considered "herbs", including leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, resin, bark, berries, fruits etc. Some
popular herbs as well as their composition and uses have been studied scientifically. Most of the herbs are
beneficial to us, they have lots of anti-oxidants, while they also have side effects. Many more herbs are in
lack of scientific supports for their health benefit-claims. This website summarizes the recent research
findings about popular herbs in the United States.