Trametes versicolor yun zhi 雲芝 Coriolus versicolor (Nees ex Fr.) Quel.
Coriolus zonztus
Polyporus versicolor kawaratake Multicolored polypore ,Turkey Tails

You can find trametes versicolor almost everywhere over the world.

What are the potential health benefits of yun zhi?

People say, it is a supplement for people at risk of cancer.

There are about 200 species of mushrooms that have been found to markedly
inhibit the growth of different kinds of tumors. Standish LJ and co-workers from
Bastyr University, WA, [] wrote, "Data from multiple
epidemiologic and clinical studies on immune effects of conventional cancer
treatment and the clinical benefits of polysaccharide immune therapy suggest
that immune function has a role in breast cancer prevention. Immune therapy
utilizing the polysaccharide constituents of Trametes versicolor as concurrent
adjuvant cancer therapy may be warranted as part of a comprehensive cancer
treatment and secondary prevention strategy". [2]

Hsieh TC and Wu JM from New York Medical College demonstrated the
potential health benefits of Trametes versicolor (Coriolus versicolor) on
prostate from a cell study. In the study, ethanolic extracts of Yunzhi reduced
LNCaP cell growth and down-regulated the levels of secreted PSA. [1]

Tsang KW [] and co-workers at The University of Hong Kong
conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized study to evaluate the
effects of 28-day administration of polysaccharide peptides on patients, who
had completed conventional treatment for advanced non-small cell lung cancer
(NSCLC). Among 34 patients, all showed a significant improvement in blood
leukocyte and neutrophil counts, serum IgG and IgM. However, the patients did
not improve in NSCLC-related symptoms. [3]


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(Windsor Wunxi) from mushroom Trametes versicolor in androgen-dependent
and androgen-insensitive human prostate cancer cells. Int J Oncol. 2001 Jan;
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