Oldenlandia diffusa (Bai Hua She She Cao 白花蛇舌草)

Oldenlandia diffusa benefits - on cancers
From 1992 to 1996, Wong BY from Loma Linda University has published at least five articles on how
Oldenlandia diffusa potentially inhibited the growth of cancer cells, or mutagenesis. [1-5]

In 1999, Japanese researchers noticed that Oldenlandia diffusa weakly stimulated on human lymphocytes
in a vitro study. [6]

In 2001, researchers from Hebei Medical University reported that Oldenlandia diffusa has immuno-
modulating activity and anti-tumor activity in vitro through stimulating the immune system to kill or engulf
tumor cells. [7]

Oldenlandia diffusa has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for treating hepatitis and malignant tumors
of the liver, lung and stomach. Researchers found no antiproliferative effect of the methanol extracts from
O. diffusa, while the chloroform extracts exhibited slightly antiproliferative effects. It is not clear if
Oldenlandia diffusa really has benefit on animals suffered from cancers. [8]

A study conducted by researchers from Kingston University, UK, showed that Oldenlandia diffusa
significantly inhibited the growth of the leukaemic cells (HL60) and induced apoptosis in a cell cycle-
independent fashion, possibly through the induction of genotoxic damage. Preliminary chemical analysis
indicated that a number of compounds appear to be responsible for the cytotoxic action of Oldenlandia
diffusa. [9]

A study conducted by researchers from National University of Singapore shows that the ethanol extract of
the herb effectively evokes cancer cell apoptosis, possibly through burst-mediated caspase activation. [10]

Gupta S, Zhang D, Yi J, Shao J. from St. John's University studied the effect of an aqueous oldenlandia
extract on eight cancer cell lines and one normal cell line. They found the extract exhibited a strong
antiproliferative activity against all cancer cell lines tested. Oral administration of the herbal extract
effectively reduced B16-F10 cell growth in the lungs of C57Bl/j mice with a 70% reduction in lung
metastases without noticeable adverse
side effects. The extract also exhibited minimum toxic effect on
normal pancreatic cells. [11]

Oldenlandia diffusa benefit on inflammation and arthritis.
Ursolic acid is pentacyclic triterpenoic acid that naturally occurs in many plants including Oldenlandia
diffusa. Researchers showed that ursolic treatment (per oral) dose-dependently suppressed zymosan-
induced leucocyte migration and prostaglandin E2 (PGE(2)) production in the air pouch exudates in
animal studies (models of inflammation).
Ursolic acid also dramatically inhibited paw swelling, plasma PGE
(2) production and radiological changes in the joint caused by CFA injection (a model of arthritis). These
studies suggest that ursolic acid may benefit animals especially rats and mice at risk of inflammation and
rheumatoid arthritis. [12]

Oldenlandia diffusa benefit on high cholesterol.
In 2005, Korean researchers found a few compounds in Oldenlandia diffusa and they are an iridoid
glycoside, oldenlandoside III (5); geniposidic acid (1), scandoside (2), feretoside (3), 10-omicron-
benzoylscandoside methyl ester (4), asperulosidic acid (6) and deacetylasperulosidic acid (7).
Compounds 1, 2, and 7 inhibited LDL-oxidation, and showed 63.3+/-2.0, 62.2+/-1.6, and 3.8+/-1.5%
inhibition, respectively, at a concentration of 20 microg/mL. [13]


Researchers from Hong Kong found that the chemical composition of Odenlandiae varies from source to
source, dependent on the habitats. Anyway, the major ingredients of oldenlandiae are asperuloside, E-6-
O-P-coumaroylscandoside methyl ester and E-6-O- P-coumaroylscandoside methyl ester-10-methyl
ether. [14]

In 2007, Zhou YJ et al isolated nine compounds from Odenlandiae and they are 2, 6-dihydroxy-1-methoxy-
3-methylanthraquinone, 2-hydroxy-1-methoxy-3-methylanthraquinone, 2-hydroxy-3-methylanthraquinone,
quercetin-3-O-[2-O-(6-O-E-sinapoyl)-beta-D-glucopyranosyl]-beta-glucopyranoside, quercetin-3-O-[2-O-
(6-O-E-feruloyl)-beta-D-glucopyranosyl]-beta-glucopyranoside, kaempferol-3-O-[2-O-(6-O-E-feruloyl)-
e, quercetin-3-O-(2-O-beta-D-glucop-yranosyl)-beta-D-glucopyranoside (7), rutin and quercertin.

Oldenlandia herbacea benefits - antioxidative activities.
Researchers showed a potent antioxidant activity of methanol and ethyl acetate extracts of the whole
plant of Oldenlandia herbacea in a hydrogen peroxide method. [15]

Popular Oldenlandia
Oldenlandia lancifolia (Schumach.) DC. calycose mille graines
Oldenlandia boscii (DC.) Chapm. Bosc's mille graines

Oldenlandia herbacea side effects
A report says oldenlandia herbacea side effect is noticeable adverse side effects. [11] While,
Oldenlandia herbacea side effects may cause difficulty breathing, rash and itching in the upper
extremities, suggested over the internet.


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