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NBC News, January 08, 2021 (PST) reported that symptoms of Covid-19 may linger for up to six
months. The study involved 1733 people, was conducted in Wuhan, China.

The Straits Times, January 09, 2021 (US Time), reported that South African coronavirus variant  was
detected in reinfection case in Brazil. Researchers said reinfection with this mutation of the virus is a
first, but other cases of reinfection in Brazil and the South African variant had also previously been
detected. The evolution of the coronavirus has raised concern that certain mutations could allow the
virus to evade immunity from prior infections or vaccines. There are also reports that people infected
with the new variant may have more of the virus in their noses and throats than those infected with
earlier versions. We must adhere to precautions like social distancing, mask-wearing, hand hygiene
and improved ventilation. There are some nutritional supplements such as
propolis, are suggested
reducing the risk of COVID 19, but more evidence are needed.


Most of people in the United States take one or more dietary supplement(s) daily or occasionally. And
all dietary supplement products carry a supplement facts panel listing its contents, amount of active
ingredients per serving, and other additives.

Though the manufacturer suggests a serving size, you may discuss with your health care provider

and decide the serving size. And, it is known that some supplements may have pharmacological
effects to our body, the effects can be health benefits but also side or even toxic effects.

Some supplements may potentiate the effects of a medicine, some supplements may reduce the
effects of a medicine. Quality may vary from brands to brands, or even lots to lots. Dietary
supplements are not drugs (medicine), they are not intended to treat nor cure diseases. In US, dietary
supplements do not require pre-market review or approval by FDA. While the supplement company is
responsible for having evidence that their products are safe and the label claims are truthful and not

For details, please discuss with your doctor. There are always new information and new discovery.
Please, inform me at for any mistakes that I made.

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