Research Notes on
Benefits and Side Effects of Herbs, Food Supplements and Drug Products, Health Issues       2018
Hi Visitors,

I haven't worked on this site since 2014. In 2015, I went to Taiwan
working at a pharmaceutical company. Recently, I returned back to the
US and d
ecided to update this website. The updates will focus on
supplements and health issues

Finally, I would like to thank those who frequently visited my website,
particularly those who have left messages in my mail box. Your
recognition of my work motivates me to maintain this website. By the way,
diet management,  rest and exercise are important to our health. Please
keep exercise, watch your diet
, relax and rest. Finally, wish you all good
health for the year of 2018.

David.   April 15, 2018.
About me

My name is David Wong. I am
originally from Hong Kong, and I
received my B.A. Biochemistry
and my Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
from The University of Texas at
Austin. Since my graduation, I
have been working as a
research scientist on the drug
product development.
 I have 20+
years of experience in this field.

I enjoy science particularly
related to the health.
 I have
reviewed many research articles

on this topic, and I formulated
this website for sharing what I
. The sources of information
for this website are scientific
journals, AHRQ, NCI, NIH, FDA
and CDC websites, and further
patents and patent applications.
There are always new
information and new discovery.
Please, inform me at for any
mistakes that I made. Thank you.