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Bilberry may improve night vision.
Bladderwrack may benefit people at risks of
atherosclerosis. As a source of iodine,
bladderwrack may benefit people at risk of
Brown Seaweed
Brown seaweed may offer benefits to people with
high abdominal fat. An ingredient of brown
seaweed (brown kelp) may benefit people
suffered from hypertension.
Chlorella may benefit people at risk of high blood
pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and some other
Cod Liver Oil
Cod liver oil may benefit people at risk of arthritis
and some other conditions.
Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola extracts have been believe to benefit
people at risk of certain cancers and neural
Guar Gum
A study shows, in patients with type 2 diabetes
and the metabolic syndrome, the addition of
partially hydrolysed guar gum  to the usual diet
improved cardiovascular and metabolic profiles.
Hyaluronic Acid
The major potential benefit of hyluronic acid is its
support on osteoarthritis, skin conditions such as
actinic keratose, wrinkles and fold.
Lingonberry contains quercetin, which may offer
a variety of health benefits.
Milk Thistle
Milk thistle may benefit people at risk of certain
cancers and liver conditions. The side effects of
taking milk thistle have also been discussed in
the article.
Pumpkin seed
Pumpkin seed (pepitas) is believed to have
potential prostate benefits, because of its rich
content of the omega-3 fats, carotenoids as well
as zinc.
Pycnogenol significantly reduced LDL-cholesterol
levels and increased HDL-cholesterol levels in
plasma of two-thirds of the human subjects in a
Rhodiola rosea has been used in traditional
medicine as a means to stimulate the nervous
system, decrease
depression and fatigue for
centuries. Thus, rhodiola may benefit people at
risk of certain CNS conditions.
A study has shown that rhubarb help patients
with gastric
cancer to recover after operations.
Rhubarb may have multiple health benefits.
Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is the milky-white gelatinous
substance secreted from the cephalic glands of
the worker bees for the growth and of the queen
bee. Some retails claim the health benefits of
royal jelly on fertility.
Shark Cartilage
Shark cartilage may potentially provide benefits
to people suffered from
arthritis because
chondroitin sulfate from shark cartilage was
found to be able to modulate the function of
synovial fibroblasts and chondrocytes.
Some people suffered from diabetes use stevia
as a sugar substitute. However, there is a safety
concern about overdoses of stevia. Overdoses of
stevia is a danger and lead to
serious side
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Diatomaceous earth issues

November 11, 2014
Updated article - Persimmons

June 15, 2014
Happy Father's Day. Sovaldi developed by Gilead has been
launched into market a while ago. Its active ingredient is
sofosbuvir. Sofosbuvir is a drug used to treat hepatitis C
infection. In combination with other therapies, Sofosbuvir can
effectively cure hepatitis in high percentages of patients.

Fri, Mar 14, 2014
Obesity is the number one nutritional disease seen in pets
currently and studies have shown that being overweight or
obese can shorten a dog or cat's life span by as much as two
years. [petMD, Mar 14, 2014]

October 10, 2013
Many neurodegenerative diseases involve the production of
faulty or "misfolded" proteins. The misfolded proteins linger and
the brain cells shut down protein production for so long that they
eventually starve themselves to death. This process, repeated in
neurons throughout the brain, can destroy movement or memory
or even kill, depending on the disease. Prof Roger Morris, from
King's College London used a compound which halted
neurodegeneration. [BBC News, October 10, 2013]

September 21, 2013
These days, I have been reviewing scientific articles on yoga.
What health benefits are actually associated with yoga? I found
there are lots of potential health benefits associated with yoga.
Click here:

September 15, 2013
According to a recent news, 86 percent of the holy water,
commonly used in baptism ceremonies and to wet congregants'
lips, was infected with common bacteria found in fecal matter
such as E. coli, enterococci and Campylobacter, which can lead
to conditions such as diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain, and
fever. Nitrates were also found in the water, intake of nitrates
over the maximum contaminant level could cause serious illness.
[Liz Fields, Good Morning America, Sat, Sept 14, 2013.]

August 31, 2013


Depression - Study shows men just as likely to be depressed as

Tylenol - Caps on bottles of the popular pain reliever
that are sold in the United States will soon come with warnings
alerting consumers to the potential for liver failure and even
death. WebMD  - ‎Aug 30, 2013‎
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